Be Great At Grammar and Writing - In 30 Days! 

  • Discover how to construct grammatically correct (and beautiful) sentences, even if you can't write in English fluently
  • Master important grammar rules without remembering any of them
  • Understand why learning correct usages of tenses and prepositions is NOT enough—mastering the fundamental structure of English grammar (often untaught) is key
  • Improve your English communication immediately
  • Express yourself with confidence when writing and speaking in schools and at work, even if you may be afraid to do so now

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"After Learning This Method, My English Essay Grades Improved from D to A"

I'm going to let you in with a secret … 

When you know a technique of learning English grammar, you will understand the fundamentals of the language. And everything confusing about the language suddenly makes perfect sense. 

Constructing grammatically correct sentences becomes easy. Your essays improve, while you spend lesser time on them. You ace your essays and exams. You speak better English.

You get your dream scholarship. You go to the prestigious school you want. You find your ideal job. 

It all comes down to this, understanding how grammar works at its core. And if you learn the method I'm going to train you in, you will get the dramatic results you want.

Why Doing Lots of Difficult Exercises and Memorizing Rules Don't Work, And What To Do About It 

Perhaps your teacher told you that you have to do lots and lots of exercises, and memorizing all the grammar rules and their exceptions to finally be 'good enough' in English.

You may also think that learning tenses, knowing how to use prepositions correctly, and having a large vocabulary are the most crucial in having good grammar and writing.

You believe all these ideas. You try very hard at first, but you do not see your English improve.

You feel that you don't understand how the English language works. Sometimes, you know that something is wrong with a sentence you formed, but have been trying, and failing, to find out what it is. 

You become frustrated, and you dislike the work you have to put in. So you give up. 

The truth is, learning grammar can be very simple. The school system and your teachers have told you a LIE

Don't believe in the myth that learning grammar is hard and demands a lot of time and effort. 

Instead, go through the lessons in the masterclass I'm going to teach you. You will be able to learn the most important concepts in English grammar fast with little effort. You will see improvements in your English as soon as you start the masterclass!

My Story In Failing and Learning Grammar  

Like you, I was brought up from young thinking that grammar is hard. In primary school, I did lots of grammar exercises and memorized grammar rules. 

I thought doing those would help me ace my English exams. Indeed, I did well in my primary school exams.

But ever since I entered secondary school, I felt lost. I got B to C grades for my essays. And when I read my essays, I could feel that some of the sentences were wrong, but I could not pinpoint what it was. 

We stopped learning grammar since then. All I knew about grammar was that it consisted of correct usages of tenses and 'plural/singular words'. I thought I knew everything important about English grammar, even though I always felt something was lacking.

In an important exam, I got a D. From that moment, I accepted that I would never be good at English.

I did my first 2 years of university writing essays filled with grammar errors. I did not know exactly if my sentences were grammatically correct. Sometimes they seemed correct, but were wrong. Other times, they seemed wrong but were actually correct. 

Because of that, I always felt anxious. I also remained confused while writing and speaking in English, unsure of whether I expressed myself correctly.

In the middle of my university years, I chanced upon an obscure grammar-learning technique, called sentence diagramming, which is no longer taught in school after the 1960s. 

I learnt and practised it for a couple of months. I had fun using it too! Best of all, I could finally understand how the English language works at a fundamental level. I could pinpoint exactly what was grammatically wrong about the sentences I wrote in essays. 

My essay scores improved. My teachers marked me with fewer grammar mistakes as well. 

In my final year thesis, I got an A, which was given only to the top 10% of students. It was a challenging feat accomplished, in no small part, by better writing. 

From this experience, I realized I was being LIED to the entire time. I thought grammar is mainly about tenses and 'plural/singular words'. I thought I need to memorize a whole bunch of rules to communicate in English properly. I thought being good at English demands lots of hard work and many years of practice. 

All these are MYTHS. There is a simpler and much more effective way to master English grammar and writing. Now, I want to tell you how to do it, so that you can get the results you want.

Spend Just 15 Minutes a Day for 30 Days Using This Step-by-step Masterclass and Watch Your Grammar Skill Soar 

Now, after a few years working with this technique, I'm now able to give you the most crucial elements in English grammar so that you can learn these important concepts the fastest way possible. 

Every day for 30 days, you will get a high-quality lesson that trains you, step-by-step, the most important aspects of English grammar and writing in an easy-to-understand manner.

Using the 30-day masterclass (worth $197), you will learn: 

  • How to 'draw' a sentence, so you instantly see a picture of how grammar rules are used (also called sentence diagramming) 
  • The 9 basic types of English words (e.g., verbs and prepositions) and how they work at a deep level, so you don't have to worry whether you use a word correctly or not 
  • The simple meaning behind every technical grammar term, allowing you to read highly complicated grammar manuals with ease if you want to 
  • The 3 types of sentences (with this knowledge you no longer need to stick to that 1 type of sentences you are familiar with; instead you have a wide variety of ways to construct sentences) 
  • Another little-known mistake in using plural/singular verbs that most students fall into - and how to avoid it (NOT the one about prepositional phrase you read in the free guidebook)  
  • A simple trick to understand how to use 'whom' properly 
  • How every verb can be converted into a noun or an adjective (knowing this secret will dramatically improve your writing skills) 
  • Why the word 'that' is one of the most confusing word in English grammar ever - and how to handle it 
  • How to make simple tweaks to your writing - and make it sound like it's written by a famous writer 
  • How to confidently write long, complicated and beautiful sentences that impress your teachers - all the while following simple grammar rules 
  • And many more! 

Get the Results You Want!

By simply following the instructions in the masterclass and do 1 or 2 exercises a day, you will start to see improvements in your grammar and writing almost immediately.  

After following through the process for 30 days, you will learn all the important concept in English grammar. Imagine what it will do to your writing abilities by then!  

You find it much easier to correct sentences you wrote. You begin to notice grammar mistakes in your peers' writings - and only you know how to correct them.  

You peers seek you for advice. You see your writing grades improve. You spend lesser time writing an essay, but the quality is higher.  

Imagine the opportunities that open up for you…  

  • You do well in major exams like GCE O Levels, GCE A Levels, and SAT
  • You impress with an amazing college admission essay  
  • You get accepted to your ideal school  
  • You graduate with a degree with distinction  
  • You ace your job interviews with fluent English  
  • You get your dream job
  • You write great reports that your boss and colleagues love
  • You are promoted more frequently  
  • You make more money throughout your lifetime  

However, if you don't improve your grammar and writing, these are what will happen to you...  

  • You do poorly in major exams like GCE O Levels, GCE A Levels, and SAT  
  • You can't get into a school you want  
  • You reluctantly accept to study in a mediocre school  
  • Your grades continue to suffer, so you graduate with an unexceptional degree  
  • You have difficulty finding a job, not to mention a dream job, since you don't perform well in interviews  
  • You get a mediocre job that pays far lesser than what you are capable of  
  • You write poor reports that your boss and colleagues find frustrating to work with
  • You are not promoted even though you worked in the same company for many years  
  • You struggle to make ends meet throughout your lifetime  

You don't want these outcomes, do you?

Having great opportunities all starts with mastering grammar. And believe it or not, even fluent English speakers do not necessarily know all these important fundamentals. And now you will know, soon, in the easiest and fastest way possible.

That's Not All!

Yes, you get my 30-day masterclass to excellent English grammar and writing. But other than that, I'm giving you 3 additional bonuses to ensure that you succeed in improving your grammar and writing.  

Bonus 1: 60 Sentence Diagramming Exercises to Sharpen Your Grammar Skill Daily (worth $67) 

After 30 days, you will receive 60 sentence diagramming exercises where you can retain and sharpen your grammar by simply spending 5 to 10 minutes to do 1 sentence diagramming exercise daily. 

It is wonderful that you learn a lot about English grammar and writing in a short time of 30 days. But you want to retain your skills over the long term as well. 

That's why I create this special collection for you to achieve just that. I also specially picked and crafted sentences that maximizes your learning and retention for multiple important concepts when you diagram them. 

These daily exercises won't be those that repeat the same learning points over and over again. Instead, they let you revise a wide variety of concepts while adding challenges steadily as you become better and better at grammar and writing. 

So this collection is essential if you want to keep what you have learnt and bring your grammar to the next level

I'm giving you this collection of exercises as another bonus.

This is not the only bonus I'm giving you. I'm also giving you…

Bonus 2: Lifetime Member Where You Get Any Future Updates and Bonuses For Free (worth $47) 

As a lifetime member, you are entitled to any updates to this masterclass. As I continue to refine and perfect it, you get to enjoy the latest benefits if you revisit it 6 months, 2 years, or even 5 years later. 

In addition, I'll throw a free bonus lesson every few months, like a series of grammar exercises, or a special reference manual, as a thank-you to your support. 

I want to help you in your long-term success. That's why I'm offering lifetime membership as a bonus, so you can revise and enhance your grammar and writing months and even years later.

And you have lifetime access to this masterclass. Even though you can complete it in 30 days, you don't have to. Take as much time as you need to complete each lesson. This masterclass is always here for you.

To sweeten the deal even further, I'm giving you…

BONUS 3: 2-month 1-to-1 Email Consultations with Lee for Gold Masterclass Holder (worth $1280) 

I will personally answer whatever grammar-related questions you have to help you succeed. I'm committed to your success, so within the 2 months after the purchase date, you are entitled to email me with any relevant questions an unlimited number of times. I will reply your email within 48 hours, depending on workload, although I reply much sooner typically.

Think about the value of this offer. I normally charge $40 for an hour of personal tutoring. So if you hire me to be your tutor for 2 hours per session, 2 sessions per week, you will have to pay me $1280 for 2 months of tuition. 

But as a thank-you for stepping up to take this 30-day masterclass, I offer you this opportunity to have 1-to-1 email consultation with me for 2 months. I'm not doing this for the long term, so please make use of this limited-time offer now.

"I Know These Are Valuable, But Can I Afford It?" 

To recap, these are what I'm offering to you. 

  • 30-day masterclass to excellent English grammar and writing (worth $197) 
  • Bonus 1: 60 specially-chosen sentence diagramming exercises to sharpen your grammar skill daily (worth $67) 
  • Bonus 2: Lifetime Member where you get any future updates and bonuses for free (worth $47)
  • Bonus 3: 2-month email consultation with Lee from Smooth Writer (worth $1280) (for Gold Masterclass holder)

In total, these are worth $1591.

But I'm giving you offer of a 82% discount off the total value, at $297.  

Update: I'm offering a further 67% discount from $297, at only $97 for GOLD Masterclass. This is 94% off from the total value of $1591!  

For $97, how much does the value of this masterclass and its bonuses be worth to you? 

Let's be conservative for illustrative purpose (I know you can do better!), and say that, as a high school student, you improve your grades by a grade point, from C to B. Even though your grades improve, your GPA is still in the average B-range. 

You manage to get to a slightly above-average college with your GPA. It is not an ideal one, but it is better than the one you certainly knew you would go to if you grades didn't improve. 

As a college or university student, you get a good degree after you graduated. And you do well in your job interviews because of your English proficiency. 

Now, as an working adult, the job you take pays you just $50 more every month than another job you otherwise have taken if your English weren't as good. 

And as you may be aware, a $50 increase in pay is not a lot. I'm being conservative and underestimating a lot here. 

But even with this conservative estimate, you get back the upfront cost of this masterclass in just 2 months, with change to spare! 

And think about the increase in earnings you get in a year. That's $600. In 10 years? What about your lifetime earnings? 

With the tremendous value I'm offering you, $97 is a steal. In fact, if you think about it, $97 is a fraction of the typical cost of a month of quality tuition. 

The reason you are paying so little for the value I are giving is because I want you to succeed. 

I want you to stop believing in the myth that learning grammar is hard, and for some people, impossible. It is possible to learn and get good at it fast and with lesser effort, if you know how. 

I'm training you with the how. I'm also giving you personalized attention with the 2-month 1-to-1 email consultation where I directly help you with your specific grammar issues.

This is the only place where you get both high-quality lessons AND personalized attention from a qualified tutor at one low, low price.

How to Improve Your Grammar (And Life) By Not Spending Time and Money In English Tuition 

Imagine the amount of money and time you spend from hiring an English tutor. Let's say you have a tutor for 2 hours once every week. With an average cost of $20 per hour, the monthly cost is $160. 

And imagine you have to slog through hours and hours of tuition for years. It's likely your English will improve, but it'll be nowhere near the complete understanding of English grammar and its fundamentals. 

Instead spending thousands and thousands of dollars hiring tutors and getting nowhere, why not save your time and money and spend just a tiny fraction of the cost? 

Imagine that you get to earn thousands of dollars more in your lifetime… 

And imagine that you also get to save thousands of dollars hiring tutors over many years… 

But you don't have to imagine anymore. This isn't wishful thinking. This is the reality. You can really earn more, save more, and excel at English grammar and writing fast with minimal effort.

But this is not all! 

To sweeten this deal even further, I'm offering you a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

Your satisfaction is extremely important to me. I guarantee that your English grammar and writing will improve in 30 days, as long as you apply the methods and do the exercises in this masterclass.

I want this to be an absolute win-win for both of us.

If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with this masterclass within the first 15 days of purchase, you may request for a full refund.

And you will get a 100% refund with no questions asked

I want you to take action now, so you can improve your grammar and writing fast and get the results you want. 

That's why I'm removing all the risks you may face when using this masterclass.

A Snippet of What You Can Expect in 30 Days to Great Grammar and Writing Masterclass

  • Day 1—Your First Step to Sentence Diagramming Sentence Diagram Noun Verb What is a sentence? Let’s sentence diagram!
  • Day 2—Describe the Object Direct Object Adjective Parts of speech Determiner
  • Day 3—Complementing Words Object Complement Adverb
  • Day 4—All About Nouns Pronoun Parts of Speech and Word Usage Noun Phrase
  • Day 5—Being Indirect Indirect object Adjectival phrase Adverbial phrase
  • Day 6—Moving And Linking Predicate Verb phrase
  • Day 7—Preposition Basics Preposition Prepositional phrase
  • Day 8—More About Preposition Tip: Prepositional Phrase and Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Day 9—Master Everything I
  • Day 10—Be Verbal I: Gerund Verbal Gerund Phrase Tip: A Gerund Is Always Singular!
  • Day 11—Be Verbal II: Participle Participle Participial Phrase
  • Day 12—Be Verbal II: More About Participle Dangling Modifier Misplaced Modifier Advanced Tip: Participle and Tense
  • Day 13—Be Verbal III: Infinitive Infinitive Infinitive as a noun Infinitive as an adjective Infinitive as an adverb Infinitive Phrase Split Infinitive
  • Day 14—Master Everything II
  • Day 15—Let Us Coordinate I: Compound Sentence Three Types of Sentences Compound Sentence Conjunction Using Coordinating Conjunctions At The Start Of Sentences
  • Day 16—Let Us Coordinate II: Combining Phrases and Words Tip: Coordinating Conjunction And Parts of Speech Tip: Coordinating Conjunction And Parallelism
  • Day 17—Complex Stuff I: Adverb Clause Complex Sentence Adverb Clause Tip: Adverb Clause and Writing
  • Day 18—Complex Stuff II: Adjective Clause Adjective Clause Relative Pronoun Relative Adverb Is That An Adjective Or Adverb Clause?
  • Day 19—Complex Stuff III: Noun Clause Noun Clause
  • Day 20—Master Everything III
  • Day 21—Don’t Interject Me! Interjection Appositive
  • Day 22—The Quest for Questions Diagramming questions
  • Day 23—Expletive??!! Expletive There is Tip: Rephrase There Is That
  • Day 24—Master Everything IV
  • Day 25—Take a Break!
  • Day 26—Sentence Styling Secrets I Secret 1: Restrictive and non-restrictive clause Why learn about the difference between a restrictive and non-restrictive clauses? Secret 2: Parallelism
  • Day 27—Sentence Styling Secrets II Secret 3: Sentence fragment, run-on sentence, comma splice Secret 4: Multiple participial phrase and adjective clause taking up the same place
  • Day 28—Sentence Styling Secrets III Secret 5: How to use ‘Whom’ Secret 6: Sentential adjective clause
  • Day 29—Sentence Styling Secrets IV Secret 7: Use a comma before conjunctions Secret 8: Use a semicolon Secret 9: Feel free to use parentheses
  • Day 30—Master Everything V

Get instant access to 30 Days to Great Grammar and Writing Masterclass for a FRACTION of the cost of one month of quality tuition


  • 30-day masterclass to excellent English grammar and writing (worth $197) 
  • 15-day 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Bonus 1: 60 specially-chosen sentence diagramming exercises to sharpen your grammar skill daily (worth $67)  
  • Bonus 2: Lifetime Member where you get any future updates and bonuses for free (worth $47) 
  • Bonus 3: 2-month email consultation with Lee from Smooth Writer (worth $1280)
  • Fully optimized for mobile and tablet devices; access your masterclass anywhere
  • Limited slots available; there're only so many email consultations from students I can handle at one go

 $1591 $297

Only $97


  • 30-day masterclass to excellent English grammar and writing (worth $197)
  • 15-day 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Bonus 1: 60 specially-chosen sentence diagramming exercises to sharpen your grammar skill daily (worth $67) 
  • Bonus 2: Lifetime Member where you get any future updates and bonuses for free (worth $47)
  • Bonus 3: 2-month email consultation with Lee from Smooth Writer (worth $1280)
  • Fully optimized for mobile and tablet devices; access your masterclass anywhere  

 $311 $97

Only $67


"I'm a Student / Parent / Employee / Employer / Teacher / Random Person. Is This Masterclass for Me?"

If you are a… 

  • Primary or elementary school student 
  • Secondary or high school student 
  • Tertiary, college or university student 
  • Student with English as secondary language (ESL) 

Then 30 Days to Great Grammar and Writing will be perfect in helping you at school

And if you are… 

  • A working adult who wants to advance your career 
  • A parent who wants to improve your child's grammar and writing 
  • A teacher who wants to teach students an innovative method (sentence diagramming) to learn grammar 
  • Anyone who wants to be a better writer 

Then 30 Days to Great Grammar and Writing Masterclass will also help you in achieving your writing- and grammar-related goals.

How to Get Your Masterclass Now 

Please sign up for a course account in the following page first. Then, in the checkout page, fill up your personal and payment information. All your data will be stored in a secure, industrial-grade server with AES-256 encryption. (Please note that all prices at in US dollar.)

Finally, you may log into our beautiful course website to access Lesson 1 of your masterclass immediately. Each lesson will be delivered to you daily, so that you can focus one lesson at a time and not get overwhelmed.

All lessons consist of a combination of text and images. There is no audio or video in this masterclass, so you can save data and loading time and get to your lessons immediately.

Click on the button below to get 30 Days to Great Grammar and Writing Masterclass now. 

"I am amazed by how I have missed some of the most basic concepts in English grammar when I thought I knew it all! Sometimes the most basic things are not known by everyone. Now I feel more confident about my writing as a result." C. S. Goh, Singapore

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